The NEW PV200 Solar PV Tester & I-V Curve Tracer

The most compact & cost effective I-V curve tracer on the market

PV testing with curve tracing
With direct connection to individual PV modules or strings, the PV200 provides a compact and fast solution to test in accordance with IEC 61829:2015 and IEC 62446:2016.

Measure Voc, Ioc, insulation, ground bonding, irradiance and temperature*, to prove safety and performance of PV modules and strings with a touch of a button.

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What are the main benefits of using the PV200? * Temperature and irradiance measurements require Solar Survey 200R

What is curve tracing?

Curve tracing diagram
We have created a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about curve tracing, including 'What is curve tracing?', 'Why is I-V curve tracing important?', 'What is PV Fill Factor?', plus many more.

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Get more from the PV200 with the FREE PVMobile App

  • View I-V and power curves in full colour and high definition detail
  • Pinch and zoom to observe deviations from a normal curve, and to see Mpp region in more detail
  • Select points on the curve to read actual voltage and current
  • Convert I-V curve measurements to STC
  • Transfer PDF reports back to the office from a remote location
  • View I-V curves and measurement data clearly, even in direct sunlight
  • Avoid the need to take a laptop on-site
  • Transfer measurement data to the PVMobile App instantly by touching your mobile device against the NFC chip in the PV200
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(Compatible with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and higher and depends on device capabilities)

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The main benefits of using the PV200 Solar PV tester & I-V curve tracer in more detail

all in one tester

Make life simpler and safer

The all-in one handheld tester easily 'plugs in' to PV systems and quickly carries out all IEC 62446:2016 electrical safety tests as well as performance measurements in accordance with IEC 61829:2015, to enable detailed I-V and power curves to be created and viewed instantly on an Android device in the field, via the PVMobile app.

I-V and Power Curves in the palm of your hand

I-V and Power Curves in the palm of your hand

Transfer data from the PV200 to PVMobile on an NFC-enabled Android device, to view I-V and power curves in full colour detail.

Full performance analysis in the palm of your hand allows you to quickly diagnose problems on underperforming PV systems, or easily send data back to the office for further analysis.

Faster way of testing, analysing and recording

Faster way of testing, analysing and recording

Significantly faster and more reliable than the traditional method of using separate instruments to test, the PV200 plugs directly into the PV system to test individual modules or strings. Results are stored onboard and can be easily uploaded to a PC or exported via the PVMobile app and emailed back to the office from the field.

Improve traceability & reliability of results

Improve traceability & reliability of results

USB download to PC- eliminating data transfer human errors, and the ability to import into SolarCert Elements v2 software for producing professional test reports, certificates and project documentation.

Improve traceability & reliability of results

Comply to standards

One handheld device combines all test functions required by certification schemes such as NABCEP and other National and State requirements, including the international IEC 62446:2016 standard, as well as curve tracing in accordance with IEC 61829:2015.

Solar Survey 200R multi-function irradiance meter

  • Measures true and accurate irradiance
  • Features wireless Solarlink™ connectivity to PV200 for simultaneous measurement of electrical tests, temperature and irradiance (required to produce I-V curves)
  • Compass and inclinometer measures roof orientation and pitch
  • Dual channel temperature measurement
  • Built-in data logger and USB interface
  • Easy-fix mounting bracket available separately
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SolarCert Elements v2 test and certification software

  • Easy-to-use record management software for PV system data
  • View and analyse test data including detailed I-V and power curves
  • Convert measured data from PV200 to STC for comparison with manufacturer's data
  • Produce professional test and inspection reports
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PV200 Kit options

Optional accessory bundles available:Part Number
PV200 Standard
Test Kit
PV200 PV tester and I-V curve tracer
AC/DC current clamp
2 x MC4 test lead (red & black)
2 x 1.5m 4mm test leads/probes + alligator clips
Type A to mini B USB cable
6 x alkaline battery (AA) 1.5V
Quick Start Guide
Rugged carry bag
PV200 Calibration Certificate
Download link for entry level PC datalogger
software, operating instructions, USB driver for
download to PC and SolarCert Elements
software demo
PV200 Solarlink™
Test Kit
As per the PV200 standard test kit
Survey 200R multi-function irradiance meter
with suction mount PV module temperature
PV200 Solarlink™
Test Kit + SolarCert
Elements v2 software
As per the Solarlink™ Test Kit
SolarCert Elements v2 software
(English language only)
PV200 Solarlink™ Test Kit

Why should I test PV systems?

The infographic below illustrates 10 reasons why regular testing on PV installations is important

Reasons for regular solar PV testing
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