SolarCert Elements v2 PV Testing Software

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Display multiple I-V curves on one graph for easy performance comparison
  • Display I-V and power curves
  • Built-in database containing manufacturer’s data for 14,000 PV modules.
  • Convert measured data to STC for direct comparison with manufacturer’s data
  • Generate PDF reports with I-V curve graphs
  • Generate PV array test reports, inspection reports and verification certificates
  • Export CSV data
  • Create installation schematicdiagrams
  • Free 14 day trial available.

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SolarCert Elements v2 PV Testing Software

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Comprehensive PV installation, operation and maintenance software for analysis, reporting and certification.

SolarCert Elements v2 is a dedicated software program which enables PV system installers to quickly and easily analyze the performance, efficiency and safety of PV systems and modules using measurements taken from the Seaward range of PV testers.

The software program is easy-to-use and provides a simple checklist of items to enable PV system information and reports including photographs, certificates, system specifications and performance information to be compiled in accordance with the IEC 62446 standard.

Electrical measurement, irradiance and temperature data is easily imported via USB download from a Seaward PV tester. SolarCert Elements v2 uses the data to effortlessly produce electrical test certification and system diagrams, and includes I-V curve analysis and reporting features to allow detailed performance analysis of PV systems and modules.

I-V curves and power curves can be displayed, showing measurements for multiple strings on a color graph. A user-defined selection of curves can be viewed simultaneously for simple comparison of string performance.

Data can be converted to STC using irradiance and temperature data from the PV tester download. Once converted to STC, the data can be displayed alongside the manufacturer’s data, allowing a direct comparison of actual vs predicted performance. Unique data points can be displayed on the graphs, so that measurements can be read directly from I-V and power curves for numerical or visual comparisons to be made.

Graphical reports display I-V and power curves for any number of PV strings and can be easily published to PDF or exported in CSV format.

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