PV power analysis with new solar clamp meter

An informative short film highlights how a highly versatile new AC/DC clamp meter can be used for effective power measurement and diagnostic testing on solar PV systems.

Available at (please insert Seaward Solar website link to film for news release version), the demo shows how the high performance Seaward Solar Power Clamp is used to measure DC and AC circuit power, in addition to true RMS voltage and current, harmonic distortion, power factor, resistance & continuity, diode check and capacitance.

The advanced new power meter has been specially designed for use by solar PV installers and technicians to measure the efficiency of PV systems, assess the performance of the inverter and carry out troubleshooting fault testing to ensure that system components are working properly.

For fast and simple power efficiency analysis, the Seaward Power Clamp simply clips over the cable to measure current from the inverter and the supplied in-line connectors can be used to measure the DC voltage whilst the PV modules are connected to the inverter, giving an accurate reading of the power whilst the system is operational.

The new Seaward Power Clamp also has full clamp on multimeter functions and is suitable for use on systems up to 600A AC or DC current and 1000V. The new unit is supplied with test leads and probes and comes in an all-inclusive test kit carrying case.

Visit our solar power clamp product page for more information.

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