New Multi-Function Irradiance Meter

The latest addition to the Seaward Solar test range is a multi-function irradiance meter.

The highly versatile Seaward Solar Survey 100 incorporates a precision PV cell sensor alongside a digital compass, digital tilt meter and high accuracy dual channel thermometer.

As a result this new product is designed for everyday use by solar PV panel contractors and solar thermal installers to carry out site surveys professionally and quickly.

As well as providing highly accurate irradiance readings in either Wm-2 or BTU/h/ft2, the ability to determine roof pitch, site orientation and  and both air and PV module temperatures, means that optimum locations for PV panel installation can be identified easily.

The compact and robust Solar Survey 100 is battery powered and has a display hold feature allowing site readings to be taken in even the most difficult locations.

As such it is an indispensable tool for all involved in solar installation work.

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