Solar Latest News Round-Up Issue 12

Issue 12 of our Solar News Round-Up - A bulletin that contains the latest Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Testing news has now been published.

MCS Technical Competence Consultation Opened

The biggest challenge faced by installers within the renewable sector trying to join MCS and work with the Scheme requirements has been translating the company specific requirements in the MCS scheme documents into the existing competency criteria for individuals working within a company...
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Global Solar Investment Continues to Grow

A new report says investment in solar technology was nearly double that of wind during 2011, meaning that solar passed wind power as the most popular form of renewable generation for global investors in 2011...
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Rise in UK Solar PV Installations

After recent concern of a dip in demand for solar PV panels in the UK, the latest statistics released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that the market may be starting to get back on track...
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Solar PV Q&As - How is solar irradiance measured?

A. Energy from the sun is spread over a wide spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared. Solar irradiance meters that assess PV modules must therefore have a spectral response close to that of a PV module in order to measure ‘true irradiance’ as a PV system would...
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Green Light for Green Deal

The government has set out secondary legislation that will give industry the green light to bring the Green Deal energy efficiency market into operation, alongside measures to strengthen customer protection...
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